Organisation chart

The Information and Press Service (SIP) comprises a directorate and seven divisions.


The Directorate comprises the Director of the Information and Press Service and the Direction Secretary.

General Affairs

The General Affairs Division brings together the SIP's cross-disciplinary activities. The division includes the Director's secretariat, human resources, reception, accounting, and official notices.

Government Communication and the Internet

The Government Communication and the Internet Division brings together in one body the people responsible for the Internet portals at and, and the person responsible for the Government's presence on the social networks (Facebook, Twitter). The members of this division also include the person responsible for communications from the Council of Government and the SIP's press attachée at the permanent representation to the European Union.

Publishing and Press Releases

The Publishing and Press Releases Division is responsible for sending out press releases and memoranda to the editors of press organs and for producing publications (brochures, books, etc.). 

Press Review

The Press Review Division compiles three daily press reviews, monitors the audiovisual press, and forwards the despatches of the press agencies.

Organisation and Press Relations

The Organisation and Press Relations Division is responsible for organising the media-related aspect of visits by members of Government and looking after the press during such visits.

Information Systems

The Information Systems Division is responsible for related projects and the equipment necessary for their implementation.

Open Data and Access to Information

The Open Data and Access to Information Division is responsible for defining and implementing a policy to promote Open Data and access to information.

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