National Action Plan 2019-2021

An initial meeting to present the OGP was held in March 2017 and allowed an exchange of views on the principles of transparency, accountability and participation, as well as on the expectations of individual participants. In March 2018, a further brainstorming meeting took place, in particular to discuss the technological dimension of the NAP and the possible establishment of a hub for CivicTech in Luxembourg in depth.

On 9 May 2018, at the Open Government Week 2018, a kick-off meeting was held on the 'zero' outline of the Action Plan for the members of the drafting group. A representative of 'Digital Luxembourg' presented the progress report on this initiative and its positive impact on the principles of open government.

To implement the OGP principles in Luxembourg, a National Action Plan has been prepared by a horizontal working group, facilitated by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MAEE). Representatives from concerned ministries and administrations, but also from civil society, academia and the press, took part in the work of this group.

The National Action Plan contains the following commitments:


Transparent and open administration

The first commitment is the implementation of the Law of 14 September 2018 on a transparent and open administration. The law gives citizens easy and quick access to information through the principle of online publication of accessible administrative documents.

Promotion of Open Data

This commitment is the deepening and promotion of activities around the re-use of data in Luxembourg, in particular through the portal described above, as well as through the regular organisation of activities such as the Annual Game of Code Hackathon.

Promoting and raising awareness of the use of clear and understandable administrative language

This commitment is the simplification of administrative language in order to make it more comprehensible and accessible to citizens and residents, in particular persons with disabilities or difficulties in learning.

Information on national climate action

This commitment aims to make information on Luxembourg’s activities in this domain more accessible, in view of supporting the fight against the climate crisis and implementing the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Establishment of a European Centre for CivicTech

This commitment involves the establishment of a technology and incubation hub for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which focus on technology for citizenship, democracy and the rule of law through a multi-stakeholder partnership, which will include the University of Luxembourg.

Establishment of a support programme for human rights defenders

This commitment is the support for national and international civil society and human rights defenders at different levels, in an international context of increased repression and authoritarian trends in many countries.

For further information, the national action plan can be downloaded.

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