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  1. Honorary distinctions of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

    This brochure presents the four major honorary distinctions awarded in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: the Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau, the Order of Civil and Military Merit of Adolph of Nassau, the Order of

  2. About... Theatre in Luxembourg

    This brochure provides a succinct history of the development of theatre in Luxembourg since the 19th century before focusing on today’s theatre scene – including café-théâtre and theatre for young audiences – and providing an overview of the various theatre

  3. About... Popular Music in Luxembourg

    Popular music is enjoying unprecedented success in Luxembourg, as evidenced by 200 active music groups, enthusiastic audiences and a multitude of festivals. The state has acknowledged the role played by popular music in cultural life, by endowing the country with

  4. Célébration officielle du 150e anniversaire du Conseil d'État 1856-2006

    En novembre 2006, soit 150 ans après sa création, une séance solennelle célébrait dans les locaux du Conseil d’État le travail accompli par cette institution au service du Grand-Duché pendant un siècle et demi. Cette brochure présente les discours

  5. About … the National Museum of History and Art

    The National Museum of History and Art (Musée national d’histoire et d’art – MNHA) allows visitors to experience the passage of the centuries in Luxembourg, right down to its architectural concept. Through its stunning contemporary infrastructure in the very

  6. About... Political Institutions in Luxembourg

    This publication describes the functioning of the legislative, executive and judicial powers as well as the specific functions of each political player. It succinctly outlines the various stages of the legislative procedure in Luxembourg and illustrates the Luxembourg electoral system

  7. à propos... des armoiries de S.A.R. le Grand-Duc de Luxembourg

    Ce texte présente, d’une part, l’histoire succincte des armoiries de la maison grand-ducale et, d’autre part, une description détaillée de la composition des armoiries des différents souverains luxembourgeois, dont celles de S.A.R. le Grand-Duc.

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