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  1. Les gouvernements du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg depuis 1848 - Édition 2011

    Cet ouvrage – une première du genre au Luxembourg – passe en revue les gouvernements qui se sont succédé à la tête du pays de 1848 jusqu’à nos jours et présente les événements majeurs de ces diverses législatures. Bien plus qu’un simple inventaire

  2. About... the Grand-Ducal Family

    This brochure chronicles the history of the grand-ducal family of Luxembourg and introduces the various sovereigns who have succeeded one another to the throne. It also describes the constitutional role of the Grand Duke and presents the symbols of

  3. Bulletin "Édition spéciale: Élections législatives et européennes 2009"

    Le Bulletin d'information et de documentation "Édition spéciale: Élections législatives et européennes 2009" informe sur les résultats des élections législatives du 7 juin 2009, la formation du nouveau gouvernement, les membres du gouvernement, la constitution des ministères et reproduit

  4. The Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 2009

    This brochure presents the government following the parliamentary elections of June 2009. The publication documents the composition of Parliament since 1945, the various steps leading up to the formation of a new government, the constitution of the ministries and the

  5. About... Classical Music in Luxembourg

    This publication introduces readers to early music genres present on Luxembourg soil from the 3rd century onwards before illustrating the path forged by classical music since its advent in Luxembourg during the 19th century. Slowly but surely classical music has

  6. About... the European Court of Auditors

    This publication introduces readers to the mission assigned to the European Court of Auditors, namely the auditing of the revenue and expenditure of the European Union. The various audit procedures available to the European Court of Auditors for this purpose

  7. Panorama - Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

    This brochure presents Luxembourg in a series of short chapters devoted in particular to the country’s history, political life, geography, population, the economy, the environment and culture.

  8. About... Multicultural Luxembourg

    More than 160 nationalities live in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a fact that influences all aspects of life in the country. This publication studies the country’s history in terms of migration trends and its development from a land

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